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How to prepare in style for our first jungle date?

Travel fashionably to our first jungle romance in Mexico/ Yucatan

Short dress by „Naughty Girl“, hat with silk leo bandeau by „Hallhuber“

Adventure! Thrill! Romance! Feeling like „Indiana Jane“!

If you’re heading to Yucatan, you will find yourself thrown into the synthetic atmosphere of the US-like airport jungle of Cancun. Frankly spoken, Cancun is not the glamour jungle spot we’re looking for. Therefore, hurry up to catch your rental car and go straight on your romantic jungle road trip on highway 180D west towards Merida. No reason to panic about driving a car on this four-lane highway. There is a highway fee, so the road is almost empty, but in good condition. Hard to believe it guides us directly in the middle of a real jungle adventure. Let’s pick the ruins of Uxmal for our first romantic encounter.

Uxmal/ Yucatan. Shoes „Pretty Ballerina“

Indiana Jane loves ballerinas

Honestly, I’m a naturally born high heel lover. But let me ensure you its dabsolutely not a brilliant idea to hike the pyramids with 13 cm plus. Ballerinas are the far better choice, if you are a sneaker objector like me. Also, you need to make your way all to the top, if you want to fall in love with the jungle all around you. The best time to do this is sunset – not hard to imagine. But don’t stay too long, Hacienda dinner is waiting for you at Hacienda Uayamon ( Km 20 Carretera Uayamon-China-Edzna).

Private luxury jungle at Hacienda Uayamon

Private luxury jungle at the old sisal hacienda

The old hacienda was reborn as an exquisite 5-star hotel with unique flair and unbeatable melancholic atmosphere. To cherish this place, you should dress up for dinner right after having a shower in your wonderful half- open garden shower. Pick a long dress for a glamorous look – and to give the mosquitos a hard time in reaching your legs….And yes, now you should wear high heels to complete your elegant outfit. Still, wedges are the best choice as you will have to manage your way from your jungle cottage to the main building.

What about romantic dinner on the rooftop? Dress with waterfall neck by „Nicowa“ /Shoes with snake pattern „Paul Green“

Romantic dreams, Jane!

Now all can happen: Indiana Jane is falling in love with her fairytale-like jungle adventure. Although spiders and scorpions may drop by to ask for a lullaby, you will surely fall asleep instantly accompanied by the exotic company of sounds of monkeys, frogs and birds. The jungle never sleeps.

The huge Caiba tree in front of the main building. The way on the right side leads to an incredible pool.

Welcome to the jungle

The next morning, we take our time to explore and enjoy the old sisal farm. Don’t forget some sunscreen, a nice book, your camera and sunglasses. Some of us might have to work in the shade. In that case, a Gin-Tonic will do you good while being creative in the extraordinary poolhouse.

Amazing outdoor office with Wlan.

But for us an amazing pool is waiting ….

The pool flooded a part of the old stables

Jane needs a bikini

Time to put on your most glamorous bikini and play the female leading role in your own jungle movie. This fabulous poolside is absolutely worth to spend the whole day anyway.

Interior poolhouse. Bikini with golden chains by „Juicy Couture“

The jungle is calling

But if you’re looking for new adventures because you licked blood, try one of the uncountable amazing „Cenotes“. All of them are entrances to a vast subterranean cave system with many large open water pools measuring tens of meters in diameter. Its your duty as Indiana Jane to visit at least one of them!

Clear sweet water leading to Yucatan underground.
And finally our Top Five List. Don’t go without!

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