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Is There Still Glamour in the Jungle?

Photo by xploitme, 2010

Column/ Text: Gerda Friedel

German Version

Am I an underachiever or how would Carrie feel?

Yes, glamour still exists, simply because each and every day means purest glamour:
The moment we awake, a sheer abundant amount of 86.400 potential moments of happieness lies ahead of us. Substract your individual need for sleep and you are left with quite a number of seconds of bliss – how many we actually enjoy is up to us. So while many creative minds might gain superpowers in these times, there are others, like me, overwhelmed and at times paralyzed by these strange corona times.

I am not the only one

Hattie Crisell, in her feature in Vogue UK, really struck a chord with me and made me realize that I am a so-called ‚underachiever‘ in corona times. Instead of enthusiastically baking, cooking, crafting and blogging, I am in the grip of lethargy – or I would ponder endlessly…and get nothing done. Do I really care? Honestly, I don’t. In these times, it is all about staying healthy and saving people’s lives and not about squeezing the last bit of creative power out of this pandemic.

If Carrie were here…

„…it’s not about squeezing the last bit of creative power out of this pandemic…“

This might have been words Carrie Bradshaw would have written in her ‚Sex and the City‘-coloumn. I picture her in her small New York appartment sitting on her bed, legs crossed, laptop before her, gazing out of the window. And then she would miss seeing Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda and, no doubt, that her beloved Manolo Blahnik store is closed. Depending on the season, we would have witnessed steamy phone calls with Mr. Big or Aidan or even conspirative dates with either of them.

I know it’s a tough decision when it comes to who the real hottie is, and though Aidan was cool for sure, it has always been Mr. Big….

Read about underachievers in the article in der Vogue UK:
A Little ‘Everyday Creativity’ Can Help You Get Through Lockdown

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