Let’s Talk About Style: What is It?

Blonde poster boys of the right: The Donald, Boris and Wilders, photo by Simon Elgood

Vanessa Friedman, fashion director and chief fashion critic for The New York Times, asked in opinion-piece: „Are we in for an era of rumpled men?“ What she adressed was a seemingly new trend ,“in a world where casual Fridays, the pre-eminence of the tech uniform and the rise of street wear has freed everyone to de-stuff their suits“. In politics, President Donald Trump, and British prime minister Boris Johnson may be just the beginning of ’sloppy style looking awfully good‘. If that is the case, is there a universal truth about style? And what is style anyway?

you are a savvy fashion designer,
what is style in your opinion?

„I think style goes beyond clothes. Style is so much more than fashion, because it’s an overall impression. Style is my very unique individual choice of how I want to present myself and how I eventually want to be understood by others.“

Style goes beyond clothes –
color your portrait in your personal style

Personal style

„Talking about personal style, you should first be aware of the fact that you already have one. Personal style does not only imply clothes but also the way you move, talk, and everything that reflects your own taste –  and you’ve surely developed taste over time. But yes, fashion can help transport your personality to the outside. You can use it as a personal paintbox to color your portrait.“

Less is more

When we think about ‚buy less‘ – a philosophy, which Vivienne Westwood wonderfully proclaims and interprets, in my view – I often wish that I could better resist the temptation of bargain hunting, buying clothes just for distraction or from an impulse and turn to quality materials and classic styles instead. Have you ever felt bad after buying too much? I can tell you that I have…

But buying one new piece might also be the key to reinterpret your wardrobe, like this pair of sunny yellow trousers I bought the other day. I love combining it with navy blue – looks gorgeous on me, I think.

On the other hand: How can I escape my – admittedly bad – urge for shopping binge? And will we have to deal with more ’sloppy style‘ in politics in the future?

Let me ask Tini…

To be continued …

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  • christine

    Maybe it´s the new age of sloppy blond men? They don’t care about fashion or manners. They only know their currency, their value – power, force and might

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