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Pandemic Pullovers

Making sense of it all, one year into the pandemic

written by Gerda

At times I regard last year as lost: I missed theatre, concerts, art events and dance parties – not to mention travelling.

Getting dressed?

One year ago, I intentionally skipped an invitation to a gala, dance party included – how could I?

Not to mention the 10th anniversary of my business, which I had planned to celebrate with a garden party.

Instead, as an English teacher, I am glued to a screen working at home like the rest of the  family – one software architect and two distance-learning high school students. Together-apart, we are stuck in four separate matrixes – and I am the unintentional chef of the kitchen 24/7.

At day’s end, I  binge a show. ( I  finished “Sex and the City” and “Game of Thrones” and just started on “The Handmaid’s Tale.”) It’s fun for the experience of meticulously analyzing an episode and grasping the details you missed the first time (for instance, that on Vikings the name of that villain Oleg was mentioned way before he showed up in season six).

Never was into tights, now I am

I never thought I’d feel nostalgic for tights – well, actually I miss the audience for them, and for high heels – which I, on the other hand, wouldn’t wear too often. But now I really do.

Still, in the middle of a global health crisis, complaining about missed parties, feels pretty childish. And yet, I know I am not alone out there whining about lost opportunities in this, admittedly, shitty year.

Change your perspective, remember a hobby

If you feel like I do, some thoughts might shift your perspective:

According to a report on Refinery29, I could have gained more than a year back, because I am breathing clearer air due to less air and road traffic, and because I might be more physically active than before the pandemic.

A research paper from Italy says that “maintaining a regular exercise routine is a key strategy for physical and mental health during a forced rest period like the current corona virus emergency.”  

Other than sports, another strategy like picking up new or remembering old hobbies might work for those out for distraction when pubs, bars and clubs are closed. 

As in my case, I have returned to my teenage hobby of knitting – I produced tons of sweaters during school lessons – and have completed my 10th pullover just lately, mostly when I am binge-watching (and not doing my TV Workout ;-)).

A small selection of my pandemic pulovers, photo by G. Friedel (2021)

Get smart online

Being a Harvard grad student of journalism, I have come to profit from an ever-growing amount of online courses. Now, I can choose from a wide selection of super-interesting topics – a trend hopefully to continue after the pandemic.

Still, besides many urgent reasons why this pandemic should end, it is my deepest wish to celebrate commencement in person on Harvard campus in May 2022.

Pandemic Pullovers How-To:

  • Choose an easy pattern
  • and a simple cut
  • Invest in high-quality wool
    (a mix of cotton and wool and /or silk works perfect)

What do you think about your pandemic year – was it lost to you?
Let us know…

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